Founded in 2012, ActualTech Media specializes in content marketing and demand generation for companies in the IT and technology space.

I've served as ActualTech's creative director for over six years, and during that time I've helped to build its brand from scratch, developing a cohesive and professional identity that fueled rapid growth and an eventual acquisition.

I designed the branding with a tech-forward focus while keeping an accessible and educational feel, positioning ActualTech as a trusted third-party voice in the IT world.
Along with the logo and brand identity, I redesigned ActualTech’s website with our tech marketer clients in mind, helping to streamline the way product offerings were displayed and emphasizing social proof. 
Finally, ActualTech's numerous products were also in need of a refresh, including their suite of webinar brands. With the unified branding in place, the informative webinars became wildly successful with both audience members and clients, establishing ActualTech as a recognizable name within the industry.
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